Here is a selection of my poetry and fiction publications:


an incomplete elegy (LooseLeaf Magazine Vol.3)
Straw Man (Abyss & Apex)
Oblivion(Abyss & Apex, Best of Abyss & Apex Vol.2)
Distance (Ricepaper Magazine)
How to Survive in a Vancouver Riot (Fault Lines Journal)
Farewell (Cerebration Journal)
Where I am from (World Poetry Reading Series)
Cherry Blossom Haiku (Haiku Invitational 2012)

Flash & Short Fiction

Tiananmen Square (Ricepaper Magazine)
Fateful Dawn (Lisa Rector Young Writer’s Scholarship)
Flames and Ashes (Lisa Rector Young Writer’s Scholarship)
The Melody of Life (Odyssey Convention Contest for Speculative Prose Poem)
The Old Magi (Joshua Weinzweig Postcard Fiction Contest, What If? Magazine)