Publication: Oblivion

July 1, 2014 1 Comments

I wrote my poem “Oblivion” two years ago for my application portfolio for the Creative Writing BFA program at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

It’s been undergoing minor edits since, and this June I submitted it to Abyss & Apex’s Poetry Editor, John C. Mannone. He accepted it a few days later, and now it’s online as a part of Issue 51! I’m delighted to see my work appear in one of my favorite zines.


by Yilin Wang

Gastown Street Art

Big Brother is Watching You (Gastown Street Art, Vancouver) — By Yilin Wang

No need for painkillers: we have found
a faster way to induce anesthesia.

We build shrines to cyber gods in exchange
for the power to keyboard our destiny.

Copy clones in RPGs and chat rooms, press
buttons to pause and reboot, forgetting
that flesh bleeds and bones break so easily.

Exchange vows with soul-mate avatars, give birth
to yourself with a mouse click, shatter
the screens between hearts and robots.

(First published in Abyss & Apex).

Abyss & Apex is a superb zine with great fiction and poetry in the fantasy and science fiction genres, so I highly recommend checking out the rest of the issue.