I just got back recently from a two-months trip to Japan and China, which is why I haven’t been updating my blog at all. The trip was an eye-opening experience that exposed me to different cultures and viewpoints, while giving me time to take a break from school. I spent a lot of time gathering stories, writing fiction, and devouring books. I’m slowly starting to post photos of my trip in my photography portfolio here: http://yilinw.tumblr.com/.

New Poem published in Fault Lines Journal

Meanwhile, I want to let you know that the first issue of Fault Lines Poetry Journal has been released. I’m pretty excited because the journal contains my poem “How to Survive a Vancouver Riot”.  I’m also very grateful to Ariadne Sawyer for reading my poem on the Vancouver Co-op Radio and sharing the news on the World Poetry website.

How to Survive a Vancouver Riot

What should you do
when you see figures gather
with cigarette lighters
to mock the world with flames,
when you hear footsteps and cheers,
followed by a chorus of screams,
sirens, and glass splintering?

Stand by and watch
like an audience mesmerized
by a performance. Scream. Capture
the historical moment with a camera.

Call 911. Bring in the batons
and masks and tear gas.
Sprint away, hide behind a shield
of locked gates, climb onto a sanctuary
of rooftops and terraces.

Pose in front of a bonfire
of sizzling cars and show off.
Bow your head, give a tearful apology,
mutter “I’m ashamed.” Fall down
and steal a kiss.

Post shots of the smug
faces and beasts onto Flickr.
Try to avoid broken ribs.
Tweet a head count of the dead.
Smash the window
of the Bay and steal maple syrup.

To read more of my poems: http://yilinwriter.wordpress.com/publications-2/creative-writing/

After the Riot

This accompanying photo, “After the Riot”, was on display at UBC’s Irving K. Barber Learning Center in May.

I am also working on submitting some new short stories and poems at the moment.  This October, I’ll be reading at Word on the Street Vancouver again. In the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging on how I’ve been applying deliberate practice to writing 🙂