Please support my Global Intern 2014 Application! [Ended–Thank you]

April 15, 2014 0 Comments

As my time in Scotland comes to end, I am now seeking my next international adventure.

I am applying to Education First’s Global Intern Program for this summer, and I would really appreciate it if you could please view my video and support my application by voting.

The Global Intern will have the unique chance to visit three countries over the summer, working with Education First and AIESEC on their international marketing, operations, and community development teams. 

Please vote here!

Thank you to everyone who helped out!

This video has been a challenging and exciting project, which I would not have been able to complete without the assistance of many people. I would like to give acknowledgements to:

  • Meizhen, for her great filming skills and taking time to film me exploring Edinburgh
  • Ophelia, for exploring the city with me and giving suggestions on what to film
  • Louise, for filming me when we met on the spot at the Meadows in Edinburgh
  • Katharina, for filming me near Arthur’s Seat
  • Vivian, for her great acting as a student learning English
  • Bahar, Cristina, and others from the International Student Centre, who gave  advice and encouragement 
  • Kim, for her continuous encouragement and invaluable second opinions
  • My mom, Chunmin, for helping with photos and giving suggestions

Materials from The Commons

Two photos, an animation, and the background music are used from The Commons:

  • Vintage Vancouver by Chiara Facchetti
  • Cleveland, Ohio from NASA
  • Revolving Earth & Flying Plane Black Tracers
  • A minor improvisation on Sunday by The3amAssociation