camp nanowrimoSince beginning Camp Nanowrimo on August 1st, I’ve been reflecting on my progress through daily Facebook status updates. Now that we’re past Aug. 15th and the midway point, it’s fun to look back and see how my journey has been so far. My experience varied from day to day; I worked well some time and struggled on other days. I’ve compiled my status updates here (with minor edits) to give you an insider view to Nanowrimo 🙂

Day 1: 2187 words

I’m off to a good start to Camp Nanowrimo. Trying to get ahead in case I get busy later on…

Day 2: 3957 words

The beginning is flowing well, but things are starting to slow down as I try to build my dystopian society. Maybe I should have done more world building beforehand?

Day 3: 6105 words

Although I’m straying a bit from my outline, I feel my characters becoming more alive. Guess I’ll let them take charge and see where they lead me.

Day 4: 8291 words

I didn’t have much free time today, but managed to squeeze in my daily goal while waiting for and riding on a ferry. I should take advantage of my commute time more often.

Day 5: 8977 words

I had to go to a family gathering, so I didn’t write much today. To be honest, I think I could’ve made better use of my time… Will try to catch up with a marathon tomorrow.

Day 6: 11173 words

It feels great to have over 10000 words on paper. Made good progress today!

Day 7: 13492 words

Continuing to forge ahead. I’m comfortable writing 1000 words/day, but over 2000 is becoming draining and difficult to maintain.

Day 8: 16037 words 

I procrastinated all morning, but forced myself to work on my novel in the afternoon and evening. My character personality and development arc notes have been very helpful, keeping me focused on the story while allowing for changes at the scene level.

Day 9: 18283 words

A minor character completely surprised me by taking on a major role and adding a plot twist to my novel. It fits his personality and the story though, so it works 🙂

Day 10: 20715 words

Struggling with world building at the moment. My narrator is unfamiliar with the advanced technology appearing in the novel, which makes description a bit difficult. Perhaps I’ll introduce a character familiar with the world to guide her, or consider switching to an omniscient point of view…

Day 11: 22890 words

My writing, especially the portrayal of the physical/cultural setting, is becoming too descriptive and expository. It’s probably because I’m world building as I go… I’ll leave it for now and cut out the extraneous stuff in my second draft.

Day 13: 25313 words

The pace is picking up again as my protagonist faces dilemmas and delves deeper into the world of magic. And the self doubt I feel doesn’t help either. Nonetheless, I’ll push on and keep putting words on the page.

Day 14: 27,832 words

My novel is realigning with my outline after some unexpected changes. I had a lot of fun writing this section because my protagonist is undergoing special training to prepare her for entering the antagonist’s territory. The pace and conflict should increase greatly from here onward.

Day 15: 30082 words

I was quite busy today, but stayed up late to get my daily word count in.  The hardest part of a novel is the vast middle–challenges arise, plans fail, delays occur, momentum slows… Still, I’ll try to keep my end goal in sight^^ And if that fails, I shall bribe myself with delicious blueberries.

Have you ever kept a journal or log while working a novel? What kind of thoughts do you record? Does it help you improve your novel and writing skills?

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    August 17, 2012

    I should do this, too. XD Great insights!