Winter in Edinburgh: the City from Dawn to Dusk

I’m falling in love with Edinburgh.

I’ve been here for two and half months. The city, with its historic spires and stoned streets, dazzled me at first sight. But despite Edinburgh’s quaint charm, it takes time to truly get to know a place.

Now, when I step outside of my flat, I no longer fumble for my map. I know how to use Scottish currency, buy groceries, ride the bus, and can generally understand Scottish accents without trying too hard. The city’s central area–from the Royal Mile to Princes Street to George Street–now appears familiar.

I can find my way around the University of Edinburgh’s George Square campus without getting lost. Unfamiliar classes have become routine. The International Student Centre is now my regular haunt, where I help organize weekend trips for other international students, and chat with people from around the world about everything from language difference to cultural foods. 

Sure, there are moments when I miss Vancouver, my family, friends, and literary groups, miss warmer weather and cheap sushi, but I’ve stopped feeling like a tourist or visitor here. Edinburgh has become comfortable and familiar, like a second home.

In an effort to record the various facets of the city I’ve seen in the past two months, I’ve captured images of Edinburgh from dawn to dusk.

1. Sunrise from Northbridge


Northbridge in the wee hours of a Monday morning, when the sky is laced with pink clouds, birds soar overhead, and the city begins to awake.

2. A Hidden Alleyway


If you look carefully, you’ll spot some alleyways and closes that lead you away from the main streets.. Follow the path and you might find a surprising view, short-cut, haunted spot, or dead end.

3. Edinburgh Castle in Morning Light


The Edinburgh castle, a majestic fortress towering over the city centre, is a must-see place for any visitors.

4. Lunch Break at the Saturday Market

Edinburgh Market Food

Edinburgh has several markets, which sell gifts, clothing, and a range of foods, such as potato wedges, wraps, nuts, and Turkish delights.

4. Royal Botanic Garden on an October Afternoon


Dawn to Dusk1

The Royal Botanic Garden is a 15-minute bus ride away from the city centre. It’s home to some wildlife and a wide range of plants, including a rose garden, a moss wall, and an exhibit of water plants.

5. Before the Storm


In Edinburgh, there  can be sunlight at one moment and rain a few minutes later. Dark clouds looming in the sky generally means a storm is on its away, but it passes quickly thanks to the wind.

6. Scottish Bagpiper


Throughout the day, bagpipers can be heard playing traditional Scottish songs on the Royal Mile and Princes Street.

6. Cloudy Dusk from Calton HillIMG_2677

I took a brief walk up  Calton Hill on one afternoon, hoping to watch a classic Edinburgh sunset. But Edinburgh’s weather is famous for being unpredictable, so it was overcast and extremely windy.

7. Princes Street in Winter


As evening approaches and darkness descends, Prince Street is covered in a silver, frosty light.

8. Moonlit Edinburgh

Moonlit Edinburgh by Yilin Wang

After dusk, Edinburgh  streets fall hushed, lit by moonlight and streetlamps.

If you have visited Edinburgh, what is your favorite view of the city?

If you have not yet visited, what would you like to know about Edinburgh? 

Please comment, like, and share this post. I’m hoping to cover more of Edinburgh and other places in Britain in the coming weeks, and I appreciate all your encouragement and support. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the pictorial. No. 2 looks like Advocates Close, which was my favorite view of Edinburgh (with the Scott Monument in the distance).

    • Thanks! I think #2 is indeed Advocates close–I’m planning to head back to Royal Mile and take more photos of closes, so I’ll go check.

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